Kirsty Strain Poster

Quotes (4)

  • My main goal is to work within projects that strive to promote social change and an awareness through artistry. To tell stories that capture the heart of issues of importance and the relationships we have; both with each other and with ourselves.
  • I wanted to be a dancer when I grew up but quickly realised that I had two left feet and a huge ability to laugh at myself, A LOT!
  • This is a very exciting project that I am really delighted to be a part of. Athena is a strong, witty character who has been written so well. Her banter and her bite bring such fun to this already thrilling game and for me, as an actor that is such a joy to play.
  • I wasn't familiar with the world of gaming or Christopher Brookmyre before entering the world of Bedlam and now, I am without doubt a huge fan of both.