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  • Weight. It's a very emotional issue
  • I think Hispanic women are beautiful with their curves. I'm not sure who feels that way in Hollywood. I was never told to lose 50 pounds. If they think that they just don't bother with you. You just don't get the role and you never know why. That's still better than physically harming yourself and becoming unhealthy just to star in a movie.
  • It's so reassuring to have a woman heroine who triumphs with more than just what she has on the outside... who has more to offer the world than just a pretty picture. To me, the tragedy about this whole image-obsessed society is that young girls get so caught up in just achieving that they forget to realize that they have so much more to offer the world.
  • I think it's hilarious when people call Jessica Alba or Eva Longoria curvy. Come on. They're not curvy. They're small. I'm curvy.
  • I just want to wake up and do the best I can every day.
  • [observation, 2016] Please stop telling me to shut up because I'm an actor. I am an American and, like everyone else, there's a lot at stake for me in this election.
  • We have witnessed the images of children locked behind chain link fences. We have heard the audio of a child crying uncontrollably, asking for "Papa" and "Mama". As a new mother I cannot fathom the rationale behind this administration's separating innocent children from their parents. The emptiness of compassion has characterized this administration from the outset, but recently our country's values and ideals have become unrecognizable. This administration has vilified immigrants. President Trump has placed a target on children and families fleeing gang and drug violence, political persecution and humanitarian crises in our neighboring countries. With little regard for human decency, this administration is not only denying the latest wave of immigrants the opportunity to contribute to the American fabric but also dehumanizing them in the process.