Christian Toia Poster


Christian Toia was born Philip Christian Toia on May 27th, 1997 in the city of Syracuse, New York. His father (Philip Toia) and mother (Sheila Toia), raised him to follow his dreams, but also to stay grounded, and understand that nothing came without hard work. In High School he realized that his passions lie in acting, after he continued to land roles in his High School theatre's productions.

He continued to pursue acting as a hobby at St. John Fisher College, where he was constantly working to improve his acting abilities. Although he was studying for a Bachelor's degree in Marketing, he was also working to receive a minor in Performance Arts. Through intense character focused study, Christian began to hone his talents as an actor, and particularly discovered his ability to transform himself for every role he took in, particularly through voice and appearance changes. Even with these changes to his appearance, he still worked to give grounded and emotionally compelling performances as well.

His film work began when he acted as background talent in The Shed (2019) a feature film shooting in Syracuse, where he portrayed the role of a High Schooler (Uncredited). Throughout his senior year of college, he took on work in several student films at RIT and St. John Fisher College, most notable was his performance as Jarrod Hillslinger in The Price of Fame (2019). He is now always on the lookout for more places where he can showcase his acting talent.