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Brother of Emma Hiddleston and Sarah Hiddleston.

He played rugby at Cambridge University but gave up for his love of acting.

He grew up in Wimbledon in London, and was sent to boarding school in Oxfordshire (called the Dragon School) at the age of seven. His family moved from London to Oxfordshire three years later. When he was 13 he started at Eton College, where he was also a boarder.

His parents divorced when he was 13.

His favorite film is Heat (1995).

He screen tested for the title role in Thor (2011), maintaining a strict diet and gaining 20 pounds in muscle. However, Kenneth Branagh decided he was more suitable for the role of Loki.

His maternal great-grandfather, Reginald Maxwell Servaes, was a prominent Vice Admiral, a Flag Officer commanding the Reserve Fleet, and his maternal great-great-grandfather was importer Sir Edmund Vestey, 1st Baronet.

Won Third Prize at the Ian Charleson Awards in 2007.

Won Best Supporting Actor in a Play at the Theatregoers' Choice Awards in 2009.

Won Rising Star Award at the Richard Attenborough UK Regional Film Critics' Awards in 2012.

Won Best Male Newcomer at the Jameson Empire Awards in 2012.

As well as younger sister, Emma, he also has an older sister named Sarah.

His favorite superhero is Superman.

Very good friends with Chris Hemsworth.

His father is Scottish. His mother is English, and has English, and some German and Scottish, ancestry. One of Tom's maternal great-great-grandfathers was of German origin.

Ranked #2 on Empire magazine's 100 Sexiest Movie Stars list (2013).

Graduated from the University of Cambridge with a double first in Classics.

Graduated from Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) in London, England.

His mother is a former stage manager and still (as of 2018) works in arts marketing and fund-raising. His father is a scientist and was the director of a pharmaceutical company.

His great-great-grandfather was Sir Edmund Vestey, 1st Baronet, an English importer who was created a Baronet for supplying food to British troops during the First World War.

Won the Laurence Olivier Award for Best Newcomer in a Play (2008), an esteemed honor that recognizes the best in London theatre.

In January 2013, he traveled with UNICEF UK to Guinea, West Africa, to visit children, families and communities. He continues to remain involved with the organization.

Nominated for the Laurence Olivier Award for Best Actor, for playing the title role in Shakespeare's "Coriolanus" at Domnar Warehouse (2014).

Won Best Actor Award at the 2014 Evening Standard Theatre Awards, for playing the title role in Shakespeare's "Coriolanus" at Donmar Warehouse.

Won Best Male Principal Performance Award at the 2014 Falstaff Awards, for playing the title role in Shakespeare's "Coriolanus" at Donmar Warehouse.

He speaks some conversational French and Spanish (but is not fluent in either language), and learned Latin and Greek at university. He generally tries to learn a few words or phrases in the language of any country he visits, and is a quick learner with a keen ear for languages. Contrary to fan reports he does not speak Italian, as there is a video of him saying a few words in Italian and admitting that is all the Italian he knows.

Was in the same class as both Prince William and Eddie Redmayne at the boarding school Eton College.

As of 2015, he has appeared in two films which were nominated for the Academy Award for Best Motion Picture of the Year: Midnight in Paris (2011) and War Horse (2011).

He read "The Politics of the Family and Other Essays" by R.D. Laing in preparation for his role in Crimson Peak (2015).

His favorite music video is "Weapon of Choice" by Fatboy Slim.

His favorite books are "Anna Karenina" by Leo Tolstoy and "Any Human Heart" by William Boyd.

He generally runs five miles every morning, however, in preparation for I Saw the Light (2015), he ran ten miles each morning, and also cycled in order to gain a pencil-thin figure for his role as Hank Williams.

His eyes water involuntarily when he is spooked.

He viewed an autopsy to prepare for his role as a physiologist in High-Rise (2015).

A cousin of Edmund Vestey and Samuel Vestey. Tom's great-great grandfather and Edmund's grandfather, Edmund Hoyle Vestey (1866-1953), was the co-founder of international food product giant Vestey Brothers (later renamed The Vestey Group) with his brother, William (Samuel's grandfather). Edmund Hoyle Vestey and William Vestey were each created Baronets by King George V for their services in supplying food to British troops during the First World War.

Math is the one subject he has not excelled in.

Plays the piano and is a keen guitar player having learned for the movie I Saw the Light. He also played the trumpet as a child, and had to learn how to play the drums and the lute for Only Lovers Left Alive.

His more avid fans are often referred to as "Hiddlestoners".

Won Best Actor Award at the 2016 National Film Awards UK for his role in High-Rise (2015).

Was once considered to portray James Bond after Daniel Craig.

Learned to surf in Hawaii while filming 'Kong: Skull Island'.

Sang all his own vocals for his performance as Hank Williams in 'I Saw the Light'. Most of the songs he previously recorded in studio and lip synced will filming but two of the songs he sang live on camera while filming.

Is a massive Shakespeare fan, he claims he feels most alive while preforming Shakespeare.

Is a master celebrity impressionist and is often asked in interviews and fan events to do them. He even once did a Robert De Niro impression for Robert De Niro.

Knows how to juggle.

Has selachophobia, the fear of sharks.

Loves to dance.

He played with Eddie Redmayne in a school production of 'a passage to India' by E.M. Forster. He played the front right leg of the elephant that rode to the Marabar caves. The elephant consisted of 4 actors, a table with a cushion and a tablecloth. On top of the elephant sat Eddie Redmayne who played the female lead.