Dana Kippel Poster


Dana Kippel was born in Queens, NY and adopted by an amazing family in Suffern, NY. As a child she excelled in gymnastics, creative writing, science and math as well as theatre at Rockland Center for the Arts. Dana had struggles during her childhood and teenage years and frequently writes about these experiences in her work. She aims to inspire other young women to recognize their own power and also to put a stop to bullying. Dana went on in her twenties to study mental health, philosophy, addiction, spirituality, unified physics and metaphysics. She also sold a ghost kitchen brand she created in her twenties to a bigger named company in Los Angeles, CA. Since moving to Los Angeles, CA in 2019, she has starred in various indie films, national commercials and wrote and co-directed a horror short titled "Want to Hear A Story" which won awards. She also was a finalist in the Future Drifter Short Films Screenwriting Contest for a short sci-fi screenplay she wrote. Dana directed her first feature a metaphysical sci-fi thriller Reflect in late 2021 . Her interests lie in grounded sci-fi, horror and metaphysical sci-fi. She writes to represent the female perspective. Her influences are the Heroine's Journey by Maureen Murdock, Sacred Geometry, Mythology, and the topics listed above that she has intensely studied. Her overall message is that we are all connected and sentient from a cell to a tree to a human and have all the answers we need inside of us. She craves open endings and wants to show the world a true strong woman is someone who is vulnerable, one who burrows in those dark places and scratches her way out of the other side victorious. She aims to inspire young women and men to come together as a community and develop true connection. Dana is a futurist at heart and is working on her trilogy of films that pulls from The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri. With her own virtual paintbrush: her first film Reflect, represents Inferno, her second film Inanna, represents Purgatorio and her third secret futuristic film will represent Paradiso.