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Claudio Laniado, who is world traveled, is a multi-awarded actor, screenwriter and producer. Claudio, who was born in Egypt, is a Sephardic Jewish refugee , of Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Greek, Syrian , and Tunisian ethnic background. He was a toddler when he and his family left Egypt in the midst of a growing anti-Semitism. They went to Europe, then Argentina, and eventually immigrated to the USA to follow the American dream. He mainly grew up in New York City.

He was named Renaissance man as per Who? Mag, a magazine for the entertainment field. Claudio, besides being a screenwriter, producer, and actor, he is a Child, Adolescent, and Adult Psychiatrist, who was named Top Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist 2020(New York Magazine TOP DOCTORS). In his free time, he continues to enjoy martial arts(was All North East Kung-Fu Champion, 2nd place, heavyweight division), taking blues singing lessons, playing piano, soccer, tennis, basketball, jogging, lifting weights, dancing, and spreading love, light, and peace.

Claudio Laniado comes mainly from a theater, indie film, dance and mime background. His acting training were Method, Meisner, Primal, Australian, and others. He studied and worked with Actor's Studio members such as Salem Ludwig, , Alec Rubin, and Marcia Haufrecht, among several others. He attended schools such as HB Studio, Australian Institute of Dramatic Arts(New York Division), Upright Citizen's Brigade, and privately with several acting coaches. He played the lead role as a mime in his first film Wake Up, a Goddard style movie.

He played a leading role Rahamim Yehuda, a liberal Jewish stockbroker, in the multi-awarded dance comedy Tango Shalom, which he also co-wrote, and produced. He also did the role Dr. Pearlman, an Austrian Jewish Doctor, in the Oscar nominated film Mudbound by Dee Rees.

He has done various character roles such as an isolated man Roy in the film Roy ; Rawhi, a Palestinian handler of suicide bombers, in Heaven Is Waiting; Herman , a southerner, ex-con, hearse driver, and grave robber in Motion Sickness; and Arthur, a serial killer in Tracks.

Some of his comic roles were Lady Claudia, a transvestite who is into S&M, in 79 Parts,; Sergio , a quirky Italian hotel manager in Nick and Nicky , and a recurring role as a German Jewish Customer, in AMC's Preacher.