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Usha Chavan is an indian movie actress from 1970s & 2000s. She is a noted marathi as well as hindi film actress. Usha Chavan has done more than 100 movies. She has acted in with famous actor Dada Kondke in many of his greatly popular marathi movies. Usha Chavan has her own film production house named Abhinay Chitra, which has produced many films & TV serials.

Usha Chavan has also played roles in telugu movies. One of the known was "Durdabitta" in which Usha Chavan was starred opposite the very famous actor Rajkumar. She also acted in a very famous, Manoj Kumar starrer film Shirdi Ke Sai Baba. In all, she has done more than 100 films out of which 80-90 movies were Golden n Silver Jubilee. She has produced two Marathi films namely -"Gauracha-navara" & "Dhar - pakad" in 1990 and 1993 respectively.

Usha Chavan was born and brought up in Pune. Her family was engaged in loknatya and plays. Born into an artist family, Usha too developed the same stints. Her mother has acted with legendary actor Prithviraj Kapoor in many silent movies.

She started her career as a side dancer. She made her career solely and reached to the top position in Marathi film industry only by her hard work and beauty. Her films with Dada Kondke earned quick recognition among marathi film viewers. They acted in a series of hit movies as a lead pair.

She has done very mind blowing dance performances in her Marathi movies. People know her by acting and or by dance but besides that she is also a good singer. She also rendered her voice for her few films. One of them was song for her dance performance in Marathi Film 'Mukkam Post Dhebewadi' and that song was 'Hirwya maadicha jeena awaghad... nako yeu huil parawad'.

Usha Chavan was married to Dattatray KaduDeshmukh, who was a landlord and owned more than 25 acres of land in Pune! The couple has one son named Hridaynath KaduDeshmukh. Usha Chavan started her career before her marriage and hence the surname Chavan got famous. So everyone knows her with the name Usha Chavan. But her full name after marriage is Usha Chavan KaduDeshmukh. Her family consists of her son Hridaynath, Daughter-in-law and 2 grandsons namely Rohit and Rohan. Her son Hridaynath is an entrepreneur and is the owner of a construction firm named Rohit Construction. Usha Chavan's elder grandson Rohit KaduDeshmukh is also an entrepreneur & owns a private firm named "Uniseller" which is into trading and import export internationally.

Rohit KaduDeshmukh had acted in film Vajau Ka in his childhood as Usha Chavan's and Dada Kondke's son. Dada Kondke always wished to adopt Usha Chavan's Grandson Rohit KaduDeshmukh because of his cuteness and charisma. Dada Kondke used to engage a lot of quality time playing with Rohit KaduDeshmukh.

Her younger grandson Rohan KaduDeshmukh is a college student and a Professional Dancer, student of Shiamak Davar. He is also into modelling.

The family is one of the known Bigwigs Of Maharashtra. They all live together in a Bungalow in Pune. They owe a lot of properties in Pune, Mumbai, Mahabaleshwar, Lonavala, etc.

The family also owes a banquet/wedding hall named ''Usha Palace'' at dhankawadi in Pune. Usha also owns a film production house named ''Abhinay Chitra'' She has produced two movies namely Dharpakad and Gauracha Navra. The script writing of her third movie is in progress and will be out soon!

Usha Chavan is also the only Executor cum Trustee of Dada Kondke Trust and Properties which is more than 150 acres!