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  • I think that there's a fine line between comedy and drama.
  • I think that there's a fine line between comedy and drama. I think that ultimately, the less winking that's going on when you're doing comedy - and this is just my own thing, and maybe it's why I've never been hired in comedy except by Bill Lawrence - but I think that the less winking you do with comedy, the better off you are.
  • The first heart you win over is that casting director. In first meetings, they'll be the ones who see your pitch for the character. And then as you get further up, they'll be the ones reading with you in front of the network.
  • We play make-believe and dress up for a living. One goes, one doesn't go, whatever. I don't understand how you can get bitter or jaded. We're just so lucky to get to do this.
  • There's no enemy in the auditioning process. Everybody wants you to be the right person when you walk in the room. We're all just trying to make a soup here, and they're trying to figure out the right ingredients for the soup.
  • Every audition, I walk out the door and throw the sides away immediately. You did it, now go home. And to me, that's kind of a baptism. If they call you, they call you. And if they don't, it's fine.
  • To spoon-feed people their comedy is not the proper evolution of the art.
  • Flying, for some reason, has never been my favorite thing, but after taking some aviation classes and reading about it and learning about it... They've been doing this for over a hundred years, they've been to the moon and back; they kind of have a good system going here.
  • A lot of times, directors don't know how to speak to actors, or writers don't know how to communicate.
  • In the sixth grade, I auditioned for a play called 'Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing.' I got the lead, and I was terrified, but I went and did it.
  • A lot of producers and creative types want to see you be you. Throw something else out there and show them where you would take this part. A lot of them are launching shows for the first time, so they've got a lot riding on this, too, and they want you to be their flight.
  • 'Scrubs' has always had a very loyal fan base. When it started out, it was an explosion because it was after 'Friends,' but I think there have been times where it has peaked and valleyed.
  • I've been on pilots. I've seen shows come and go. I know that this stuff is all very fleeting, so I try to keep it cool.
  • As far as the 'Mad Men' thing, I love 'Mad Men.' It's one of my favorite shows; I think it's an amazing series.
  • I definitely think that typecasting is something that happens all the time.