Shanon Weaver Poster


Shanon is a Native Texan from a military family who didn't live in the same time zone for more than three years until well into his twenties. Constant exposure to different regions and cultures created in him a performative imagination, and he has been acting professionally for over twenty years on the stage, in film & television, and in voice over.

He holds a BA in Theatre (with a playwriting focus) from the University of Texas at Austin, and is very near completion of his MFA in Acting from the University of Georgia. Additionally, Shanon received conservatory acting training at AMDA in New York.

Though predominantly a realism-based actor, Shanon's interest is piqued by Eastern & Greek Philosophy and Acting Technique. He is researching & developing ways to integrate ideas found in practices such as Secular Buddhism and Stoic Philosophy into modern actor training. Based on this research, he plans to develop his own eventual theory text-Tactics: Eastern Focus, Western Stage. His research includes works by Epictetus, Siddhartha Gautama, Seneca, Leonard Pronko, Yoshi Oida, A.C. Scott, and Stephen Wangh.

If he had to put a name to his artistic aesthetic, it would be "The Power of Stillness."

Shanon resides in Athens, Georgia with his partner and her daughter, along with Lucy the basset hound puppy (who is kind enough to share the house, for the most part). In his free time he can be found hiking, biking, or kayaking, reading, playing games, and annoying his partner with Star Wars trivia.