Iakovos Psarras was born in Naxos, Greece in 1936. He studied acting at the Greek National Theatre Drama School, where he began cooperating with numerous greek directors in a variety of roles (leading, supporting, dramatic, comic, classic and contemporary).

He made his debut in 1957 with Alekos Alexandrakis company in J.B.Priestley's "Inspector Calls" and he went on with other companies including those of Mousouri, Papa, Ellie Lambeti, Diamantopoulos, Alkeos, Minotis - Paxinou, Papamichael, Fyssoun, Kourkoulos, Xanthopoulos, Hatziskos, Konstadaras, Georgitsis, Arvaniti, Stylianopoulou, Gionakis, e.a., the company of Karolos Koon's Art Theatre and the State Theatre of Northern Greece (Kratiko Theatro Voriou Ellados) (1976-1997)

He was an instructor for the Greek National Theatre until the day he died.

His last appearance was during the summer of 2006 with the tragedy "Andromachi" of Euripides.

He died at the intensive care unit of the Thessalonica Hospital, where he underwent open heart surgery on the 17th of November, 2006.