Kayky Brito Poster


Kayky began working in advertising in 1997 in the city of São Paulo. His debut as an actor was in the musical spectacle 'Marcelo Quince Martelo'em 1998 as Caloca. In 1999 debuted on TV in the soap opera Chiquititas . In 2002 played the role of the protagonist in the novel Zeca Vampire's Kiss . Had a greater challenge in the novel Chocolate com Pimenta where she played the role of Bernadette / Bernardo. In 2003 also participated in the film Xuxa Abracadabra . In 2004 participated in the novel New Beginnings and the following year appeared in Soul Mate as Gumercindo. 2006 was the year of Nicolas Snakes and Lizards . In the following years came into Seven Sins (2007), and Three Sisters in 2008. Still had a stake in Tips An Alluring and Cases and Chances . In 2009 enters the film In the Street 401. In the novel Passione played the role of Sinval. Participates in movies Desenrola , which debuted in January 2011 of Rosane Svartman and pains, loves and Others, director Ricardo Pinto . In 2011, after his participation in Passione , his contract was not renewed with Globo TV . 4 In 2011, he began a tour through Brazil with the play It's Cold written by Mario Bortolotto which tells the story of two brothers. Traversing several states. In 2012, Josef attended the Film Finding a Polish Brazilian film which gave life to the character Nelson a guy living on the street. This was his first film, recorded in English language. In 2012, despite having only 23 years old was asked to play Jesus Christ on 16th Staging of the Passion of Christ in São Paulo, for an audience of 30,000 people. In 2013 he studied at The Lee Strasberg Film and Institute in New York to improve his skills. In 2014 he moved to Point Dume CA. where he spend time surfing and working in his film career.