Trivia (8)

The youngest of three daughters of Donna Jones and her late husband.

Had two older sisters - Michelle Barclay (b. 1971) and Melanie Holden (b. 1973).

Her father was killed in a car crash in 1982 at the age 29.

By 1989 she made two suicide attempts.

Had three children with her second husband (now widower) Michael Scorpio: a daughter Chloe Bleú Taylor (b. 1996) and twin sons Austan William Taylor and Tristan Michael Taylor (b. 1997).

Separated from her second husband of 7 years Michael Scorpio in 2003, but they never got officially divorce before her death 2 years later in June 2005.

During her short life she suffered alcoholism, drug abuse, appendicitis, epilepsy and leukemia. Once she collapsed from drugs and booze. Hospitalised again shortly after, Chloe was told that her liver had stopped functioning. She needed a transplant and was put on a waiting list. Chloe's last boyfriend, Chris Miguez, was the last to see her alive. It was late in the night. They stayed in. She'd been drinking and she was hungry. She asked him to go and get her a burger, but when he returned she was asleep. He turned off the lights and climbed in beside her. When he woke at dawn, he noticed Chloe had slobbered on his shoulder - that was "not out of the ordinary". But Chloe hadn't moved all night, and that was. He rolled over, turned on the light, and instantly saw she looked strange. He felt for her pulse and there was none. She was still warm. He called an ambulance. They arrived 45 minutes later, pronouncing Chloe dead on June 4, 2005, two weeks shy of her birthday. She was 29, just like her father at the time of his death.

Believed she would probably die before she was 30, just like her father. She eventually died in June 2005, 2 weeks before her 30th birthday.