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Languages: English, Hindi, Marathi, Sindhi, Gujarati.

US NRI, an Orissa-born film producer Solila Parida was making a Hollywood film titled "Woman From Georgia" centering on reincarnation and Indian culture that was filmed at locations in this state and the prairies in the United States.Solila Parida, now settled in the U.S., had cast Aarti Chhabria with television stars Phillip Rhys and Susan May Pratt in 'The Women of Georgia,'.Bollywood director N. Chandra, best known for the super hit 'Tezaab,' was directing the film. N. Chandra was assisted by Michael Scott Reid. Predrag Dubraveic was the director of photography. Wayne Sharpe had composed the musical score for the film, which had a theme song in English.It may be recalled that WOMAN FROM GEORGIA is based on a short story written by Prassana Pati "The movie is based on a story written by an Orissa-based writer named Prasanna Pati. It is about a girl who attained sati 120 years ago and was subsequently re-born in a western country. The film lays completed and unreleased.

Aarti Chabria's whose first love remains acting, recently took to 'direction' has a production house called Rising Phoenix which produces digital content, ads, music videos, & all kinds of films.