Natalia Vodianova Poster

Trivia (12)

Is a supermodel.

Her ex-husband Justin Portman is a real estate heir. He is also a professional artist and often travels with Natalia and their children.

Ex-husband's family estate is in Herefordshire, England.

Is the face of Calvin Klein.

Model Agencies: NY-DNA, Paris-Viva, London-ICM, Milan-Why Not

Was ranked #16 in Channel 5's "World's greatest supermodel".

Vodianova's ex-husband is The Honourable Justin Portman, who is a professional artist. Portman is the son of a Viscount and scion of one of Britain's wealthiest real estate families which owns huge swathes of London. He chooses not to use his title.

The print ad that launched her career was when she became the face of "Gucci Envy" (Eau de Parfum) fragrance.

Founder of Naked Heart Foundation.

Has five children: a son Lucas Alexander Portman (b. December 22, 2001), a daughter Neva Portman (b. March 24, 2006) and another son Viktor Portman (b. September 13, 2007) with her ex-husband Justin Portman; two sons, Maxim Arnault (b. May 2, 2014) and Roman Arnault (b. June 4, 2016) with her boyfriend Antoine Arnault (they are dating since 2011).

Returned to work 2 weeks after giving birth to her son Lucas.

She got photographed naked, nursing her infant son in the hope of helping people view motherhood positively.