Rikki Gagne was born in the small town of Campbell River on the east coast of Vancouver Island in British Columbia. Her childhood was a mix of various sports including gymnastics and snowboarding. She proved to be a natural in any sport she set her sights to. In gymnastics she competed at a high level. In her snowboarding she also excelled. She was sponsored and was competitive in big air, half pipe and slope style. These skills translated into formidable assets in her stunt career. Her first stunt job in the film industry job was on Scary Movie 3. She was instantly attracted to the magic of the industry. She can be seen doing stunts on large blockbusters including "2012", "I Robot", the "Twilight" series, and "A-Team" to name a few. Her passion led her to not only stunts, but a promising acting career as well. Celebrating her newest release of "Dead Hooker In a Trunk", where she played one of the 4 leads, she had since been recognized as a respected and powerful acting personality in the film industry. Many critics have praised her for her dramatic performance in what was a shoestring budget indie-film. "Dead Hooker In A Trunk" in which the creators used "El Mariachi" as a template to success, can largely thank Rikki for her contribution.

Rikki is now attached to a variety of independent films in which we can continue to enjoy her performances.