Patrick Beck is a young and up-and-coming entrepreneur who has risen to gain an attributable experience among all areas of business. Growing up in Albuquerque and struggling to survive in the streets from the age of sixteen, Patrick has managed to uplift his intelligence and create a successful life for himself. Though dealing with his parents' abandonment was a difficult internal struggle to encounter, Patrick Beck has paved the way for young entrepreneurs in the making to manifest a successful personal life and career. Patrick Beck's path to success is not among others, where his family life was one of the hardest challenges that he is still continuing to battle in the present day. Not only was he left with 35 cents to his name and a quest to discover a secure career path, but Patrick set out to find the truth in who his biological parents are. Dr. Colonel Walter "Mumu" Moore was his great grandfather who had taught him to embrace the strength within himself and served as a role model for his whole life. Days before being abandoned in foster care, his grandfather passed. In dedication to his hard working grandfather, Patrick is working to complete his PhD in psychology while he is traveling the word gaining real world experiences. At the age of nineteen, Patrick Beck began blowing glass in which he had discovered his passion for. From these very first steps among the business world, Patrick has managed to develop other brands among all regions of the spectrum including coffee making and music production. While building his skill set in glass art, he began visiting cathedrals across the world and soon was receiving awards recognizing his thorough artistry. As he furthered his travels across the globe, he started to trace his heritage. Patrick Beck was invited to become an ambassador for Barcelona gaining exposure among billionaires and celebrities. Nonetheless a path of discovery, Patrick truly believes he is the son of Princess Diana and his a long lineage of royalty within his heritage. Completing a DNA test led to the results lining up with Brigadier General Griego and Princess Diana as his genetic parents