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Quotes (3)

  • What the melodrama does, is to force us, through the excess use of passion, of emotional extortion, to see the truth.
  • Throughout A Blast (2014), Maria confronts herself, her family, her country and the perception of her sex. And in order to do that, she moves to a place where good and bad, the morals of it all, are not what they used to be. And that, for me, makes her a hero worth watching and investigating.
  • For A Blast (2014): "A politician wants to shrink large amounts of people using a vague agreement as his/her basis, so that they can fit a certain narration. As an artist, I want to do the exact opposite: I try to magnify each person, revealing its full anarchic potential, controversy and disagreement, and then I move on to discover his or her narration"