Nick Von Poster


Nick Von (30 May 1999) is an actor, director, composer, entrepreneur and e-commerce expert. He is the founder of, a digital company that specializes in email marketing for e-commerce. His company has successfully helped hundreds of six to eight-figure e-commerce stores increase their revenues by 15-35%, with zero spend on advertisements. His vast experience handling e-commerce has prepared him greatly for his current venture. Most of his clients are those that are already earning a minimum of $250k a month in sales. He is more than able to multiply their revenues by using his unique marketing methods.

One of his strengths, as an entrepreneur, is preparing brands for potential acquisition. Having sold his own company in the past for a substantial amount, he helps companies grow their revenue and sell equity to interested clients. Nick Von also owns, a full-service agency with celebrity clients and brands. Overall, he has effectively generated more than $50 million in e-commerce sales.

Nick Von got into entrepreneurship early, by programming servers, on a popular game called Minecraft. He started this as a young boy at the age of 11. This jump-started his journey as an entrepreneur. From trading in high school to creating software, he saw the potential of running his own full-time business and dropped out of high school. Shortly afterward, he flew to Los Angeles and never left.

Working on marketing for album releases, his new venture the perfect addition to his growing business portfolio. One of his full-service companies offers a vast variety of services, from manufacturing to processing, marketing, and design, making it very easy and convenient for clients who wish to launch a new brand. Doing this allows his clients to focus on their careers, while he handles the business and monetization side of things.