Cameron was born and raised on the prairies of Saskatchewan, the youngest of five siblings. His father, Ken, a career Conservation Officer and full time Firearms Safety Instructor. His Mother, Eleanor, a home maker, switch board operator involved in many local activities.

From day one Cameron was involved in the world of firearms handling, maintenance and safety, often staying awake into the early hours of the morning to pour over his father's library of firearms related reading or talking at length with those who handle firearms for a living, including those in law enforcement, sport shooting, hunting and the military, who would often frequent the home.

At the age of twelve Cameron became the youngest firearms safety instructor in Saskatchewan and went on to instruct the safe and proper handling of firearms through the Royal Canadian Army Cadets, in which he became a three time award winning competition shooter, as well as civilian instruction through the local Saskatchewan Wild Life Federation. During this time he was also a member of the Provincial Full Bore Rifle and Pistol shooting associations.

At the same time he was discovering his film and video production abilities, working clandestinly against his father's wishes with the families 8 millimeter movie camera making short films. Several short films later Cameron moved to VHS video productions continuing his short film making while volunteering with his local comunity cable company as a camera man. He was also busy with local and high school theatre projects as an up and coming actor and writer. Eventually Cameron moved east to find his way into feature films and local television.

Moving to the west coast in 1993, Cameron once again caught the acting and film production bug, becoming heavily involved in the local film, television and theatre scene. For a number of years he found work as an actor, special skills (firearms and tactical) performer, print and media personality, but it was behind the camera where he longed wanted to be, writing and directing his own projects.

Upon entering the Vancouver Film School full time Film Foundation Program, Cameron happened upon work as an on set Armourer, an individual whose back ground in firearms handling and safety is geared towards their safe and accurate use on film. This was a perfect combination of his two steady interests, firearms and film production. While in film school his short film script, "Jesus Was A Capricorn", was chosen to go into production and he worked as sound designer, set sound recordist on two more student films and technical FX advisor on three other student films. At the same time he also became an assistant special effects technician on several industry projects ranging from television commercials to feature films.

Cameron currently divides his time among many different projects. He works closely with the Royal Canadian Army Cadet League as an Instructor and firearms safety instructor, as well, he commits as much time as his schedule allows to student and amateur film makers, working as advisor and fellow film maker. He is presently still being contacted on a regular basis by various national and international film related media including magazines, newspapers, and radio. Having taken the time away from major film productions to refocus his efforts and with a fresh perspective on his professional outlook, he is currently at work on his first of five feature film projects committed to his new Savage Haggis production company.