Sebastian Arcelus Poster

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  • I grew up speaking Spanish and English. My mother can speak Spanish, English, French and Italian, and she's pretty good at faking Portuguese. I wish that I spoke more languages than I do.
  • I majored in political science, and my concentration was U.S. involvement in Latin America in the 20th century.
  • My big break was back in the third grade playing the third monkey in 'Horton Hears a Who.'
  • When I was young, I flirted with the idea of a career in journalism on one hand and politics on the other.
  • I do love Christmas, although my wife puts me to shame. She is a huge Christmas fan, so we do love us some Christmas in our house.
  • I'm a first generation American. My mother is Italian and Russian and a lot of other things, and my father is Uruguayan. In fact, my mother's been married twice, and both men were Uruguayan. So I grew up in a very European/Latin American-influenced home.