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  • I used to have a thing about getting a 306 GTi-6 and geting it all kitted out. I was into stock cars at the time and then I got my own car - an Escort XR3i - and had it resprayed in two-tone, modified the bonnet over the lights so it looked angry. It did look mint at the time!
  • I used to live in North Wales and I'd come back from work and have to race to get ready and drive to a gig. There have been a few times where I'm running really, really late, it's pissing down with rain and I'll overtake and there'll be something coming the other way and I'm just 'arrgh!' - moments away from a head on collision. I was a bit of a girl racer, I used to love going to car cruises and all that.
  • [2003; on people referring to Girls Aloud, Atomic Kitten and similar artists as 'pram-face' and 'council estate'] It does annoy me. At the end of the day, we did what we had to do. We'd all been trying to get into this business for God knows how long. And it's not like we're talentless. We proved to the nation we could sing. That's why they chose us.
  • [2003; on Pete Waterman's comments accusing Girls Aloud of not singing themselves on their single] The thing about Pete is that his hits were so far back and he's trying to cling on. I think he needs to move on.
  • [2003; on school, and leaving at 15] If it didn't involve a textbook, I was happy.
  • It [getting tattoos] reminds me to have strength. I got it when we [Girls Aloud] were halfway through our tour rehearsals, because I'm not the strongest of dancers. I wasn't as dance trained as three of the other girls. Two of us were more singers than dancers, so I used to have extra time with my routines. Tour rehearsals for me were so tough. I used to have a mini meltdown at some point during every four weeks.
  • Getting shots of us [Girls Aloud] all together to look serious is physically impossible.
  • I didn't realize that was on there until Kimberley texted me and said "Has anyone else heard the pigs squealing at the end of 'Live in the Country'?" I was like "what?!"
  • [March 2021] What I'd really like to do is to see everyone - all my friends, all together. One last time. Then I'd throw a great big f*** off party as a way to say thank you & goodbye.