Angela Robinson Poster

Quotes (2)

  • [when asked about the accuracy of Professor Marston and the Wonder Women (2017), particularly Elizabeth and Olive's relationship] That's a difficult question because I did talk to a source who said that that was her interpretation, who had studied them. But it was, it's tricky because I don't know if... I chose to tell the story as my interpretation of the story, and I think that there's a lot of facts that are indisputable about the Marstons and I feel that there's a lot that's open to interpretation. So as a filmmaker, this was my interpretation of their story.
  • Every year, when I speak at the Amrican Film Institute'st Directing Workshop for Women, I start the same way: "They don't want you here". Sometimes this is met with confusion or blank stares, but often it's nods of recognition. What I'm articulating is something that these women, many of them women of color, know to be true...I'm not talking all white men, I'm talking about They with a capital T. Although Hollywood is a sexist and racist place, that's not why they don't want you here. There are two reasons. The first reason is economic. If you are a woman, get a job directing a movie, it means that some white dude doesn't. The second reason is deeper. It has to do with cis white men wanting to see the world through a lens where they're the heroes and always get the girl. What's even harder than taking someone's job is asking him to give up that lens on the world.