Jc was born and raised in Queens, New York . Fast-talking and feisty-looking Jc has continued to impress movie audiences with his versatility with some of his independent films.

Jc grew up in Queens till the age of 16, raised by his grandmother. The extroverted little boy would always get in trouble in school because he felt the need to entertain the class room by being the class clown. At the age of 8 he began acting in school plays and was a part of the drama team all throughout junior high. At the age of 16 Juan's grandmother decided to move to Orlando, Florida away from the rough projects of New York City. Jc got more involved in sports and stepped away from acting. At the age of 22 Jc decided to pursue acting and make it his long life career.

Among his many strengths lies his ability, to not take his ethnic background too seriously but also to take pride in his Latino heritage. He has opened many doors for his countrymen. An accomplished performer, movie audiences await Jc's next exciting performance.