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Trivia (6)

Has been in over a dozen national commercials.

In the episode "Legend of Tennessee Moltisanti" of The Sopranos (1999), he plays Counter Boy and gets shot in the foot by Michael Imperioli. The scene was alluding to Imperioli's role of Spyder in Goodfellas (1990), in which he was shot in the foot.

Graduated from Toms River East High School in 1993.

Was listed in the 2010 Bafta Longlist for Best Supporting Actor for his performance in The Hurt Locker (2008), but failed to receive the nomination.

In both The Hurt Locker (2008) and Flight (2012), Geraghty played the junior member to a more experienced veteran in life-threatening situations. In both movies, he blames the veteran for an accident that left him with a debilitating leg injury. In both movies, the actor playing the senior role (Jeremy Renner in The Hurt Locker, Denzel Washington in Flight) earned an Oscar nomination for Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role.

Avid surfer and often participates in charities to raise money.