Todo Segalla Poster


Todó has appeared in many television programs and movies with credits from All My Children (1970), C.P.W. (1995), Law & Order (1990), New York Undercover (1994) to many others.

His movie credits range from Crossings, Sunset Park High, and the Japanese movie Sleepy Heads (1997), to The Peacemaker (1997), The Bone Collector (1999) and Die Hard with a Vengeance (1995). In 2002, Todó starred and was the fight choreographer in the upcoming action movie Director's Cut, The, as Agent R, an agent from a secret organization in search of the Buxo Luna to save the world from total calamity, which was filmed in Chicago. Recently, Todo' starred in a made for TV health series on Veria Television entitled The Genesis of Healing (2007) playing historical characters Dr. W. G. Sutherland, founder of Craniosacral Therapy and Ewald Jurgen Georg von Kleist in an episode on Electrotherapy.

Todó holds legitimate black belts in 6 different styles and Kyoshi ranking. He has rankings in Aikido, Judo, Jujitsu, Kyokushinkai, Seishinkai, Shotokan and Tae Kwon Do. He is currently teaching and training with Shihan Abdul Aziz in New York City. Todó has trained with many notable Masters such as Jack Moscato, Dave Gatison, Larry Rogers Jr., Larry Rogers Sr., Robert Liedke, Mike Conroy, Jon Patrick, John E. Larlee, renown Thai boxer and boxing instructor Gill Pelletier from Lawton Boxing and at Top Ten Karate Studio in New Haven, Connecticut, with actor and instructor Michael Jai White of the movies Spawn (1997) and Universal Soldier: The Return (1999).

Todó has received his Bachelor of Arts from Southern Connecticut State University in New Haven, Connecticut, in the areas of Sociology and Spanish.

He is fluent in several languages. He is the owner and founder of the Todo Ryu Dojos in Puerto Rico and the United States.