Thrown out of his high school glee club for singing 'off key'. Before his 21st birthday, he had memorized over 20 operas. Sang all 9 versions of Boris Gudunov including in Russian. In 1962 after performing in Moscow, Krushchev met him back stage with tears in his eyes. Hines learned to speak Russian for his trip. His costume for Gudunov had 3 inch heels, bringing his height to 6' 9". Premier Kruschev was 5'5". Hines told the premier he (Hines) was "a midget Californian". Hines use to laugh, saying he had a lot to do with the ending of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Hines was a brilliant man, UCLA grad, chemist, mathematician, and composer. He wrote an opera. Performed over 1500 concerts. Often appeared as a guest soloist at churches, Salvation Army, and on Bonaire, his summer home. Helped train hundreds of opera hopefuls in New Jersey, where he was very active in cultural affairs. He was a devout Christian, touching all who had the pleasure of meeting him. A beautiful, great man.