The Chad Mitchell Trio was a Pop-folk group, organized in Spokane, Washington, in 1958, and very popular on the college campus circuit for several years thereafter. The original members were Chad Mitchell, Mike Kobluck and Mike Pugh, who left after they recorded one album ("The Chad Mitchell Trio Arrives" on Colpix Records). After auditioning many singers, they chose Joe Frazier (not to be confused with the prizefighter) to replace Pugh and the most well-known version of the trio was formed. When Mitchell left the group in 1964 to pursue a solo career, he was replaced by a young John Denver and the group became known thereafter as the Mitchell Trio. Later Frazier left and was replaced by David Boise. When Kobluk left he was replaced by Michael Johnson (who had some success as a solo artist later on). Due to contractual reasons, the Mitchell name could no longer be used after the last original member left. The new group was called simply Denver, Boise and Johnson. Roger McGuinn (then called Jim McGuinn), later of The Byrds, was the Chad Mitchell Trio's accompanist for several years. They recorded for various labels, most notably Colpix, Kapp and Mercury In the late 1980s the group reunited for a charity performance in Spokane and have continued to work together periodically ever since.