Trivia (9)

Former guitarist of the industrial band Fear Factory until break up time.

Has a side project band called 'The Douche Lords'.

The 1992 album 'Soul Of A New Machine' by Fear Factory is dedicated to his father Natividad (1935-1982) and brother Joey (1959-1985).

Plays on 7-strings Universe and custom RG's Ibanez guitars and Line6 amps & effects.

Former member of the death metal Brujeria.

In 2002 he form a death metal band called Asesino.

(1991-2002) Playing guitar for the industrial band Fear Factory until disbanding.

He release a full length album with Asesino called "Corridos De Muerte". [2002]

Release "Cristo Satanico" with Asesino [2006]