James D. Weston II Poster

Trivia (17)

James met Daniel Dae Kim while filming Hulk (2003) on Treasure Island and instantly recognized him as the military sniper from the movie The Jackal (1997) with Richard Gere.

Still serves as a member of the military reserve force.

Played a Klingon in the 2009 feature "Star Trek" but all Klingons were edited out.

Wired the cockpit in episode 1.9 in Trauma (the aircraft crash). He was a graduate of Aviation High School in New York and has worked for 6 airlines.

As Zoe Saldana (Uhura) and James D. Weston II (Klingon- deleted scenes) were in the 2009 Star Trek movie, they grew up in Queens, N.Y.

Usually cast as Military, Government Agent, or Police.

Graduate of Aviation High School in New York.

Member of Bay Area Tuskeegee Airmen.

Was to be Samuel L. Jackson's stand in on the feature "Twisted" but had to fulfill his military reserve obligation. Upon his return stood in for actor Richard T. Jones.

Was told he was too tall to portray a pilot in the Anthony Hemingway/George Lucas feature "Red Tails", even with his aviation experience. Was later hired on as precision driver/mechanic based on recommendation from stunt coordinator Rocky Capella.

Was a stand-in for Will Smith during filming of "Pursuit of Happyness" on 2 occasions. Also worked with Jada Pinkett Smith, Laurence Fishburne, Carrie Ann Moss in Matrix:Reloaded as precision driver in highway chase scene.

Was a stand-in for Dennis Haysbert for the taping of 2 Allstate commercials shot in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Was nominated for Screen Actors Guild Award in the category of Outstanding Performance by a Stunt Ensemble in a Motion Picture for 2011 and didn't know until he received a nomination honors certificate, from the Screen Actors Guild Board of Directors, Awards Show Committee.

Wired the cockpit of plane with Christmas lights in episode 1.9 of "Trauma" while serving as series Precision Driver Coordinator. Has worked for 6 airlines.

James worked with film director/producer Mario Bobino in the autobiographical film about Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch called "Family First".

1st Assistant Director K.C. Hodenfield worked with James Weston II in "Venom" and in "Transformers Dark of the Moon". James was brought on to Transformers by military & technical advisor Harry Humphries, and his team. Harry also worked with Tom Hardy (cast & crew) in the Ridley Scott hit movie "Black Hawk Down", where Tom Hardy played the character Twombly. Tom Hardy stars as Eddie Brock in "Venom".

James Weston II (Sherriff's Deputy) is reunited with Benito Martinez (Sheriff Diaz), whom he worked with in "Behind Enemy Lines and Mark Pellegrino (Deputy Standall), whom he worked with in "Twisted" in 13 Reasons Why (3rd season).