Caitlin Stasey Poster

Trivia (9)

Her first Neighbours (1985) episode aired on August 18 2005.

Actress/Singer Neighbours star Holly Valance went to the same school, Star of the Sea in Brighton.

Was chosen to travel the world to film the Qantas TV commercial 'I still call Australia home' in the choir.

Studied Film/TV at St. Martins Drama Youth School in Melbourne, Australia - Which found her the audition role of Rachel Kinski, in Neighbours (1985).

Performed a duet on Neighbours with fellow Neighbours cast member 'Dean Geyer' who plays the role of Ty Harper. They performed a song called Unforgettable which has become quite popular.

Was ranked #15 on Girlfriend Magazines '20 Hottest Under 20'.

She is related to Stephen Fry and has relations who live in Norfolk, United Kingdom.

Attending the Victorian Actors' Benevolent Trust - Fundraiser No. 2 [June 2009]

Attends Australia's Nickelodeon Kid Choice Awards 2006 in Sydney, with the Neighbours (1985) cast. [October 2006]