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Trivia (11)

Author of numerous bestselling novels. His novels have been translated and published in more than 40 languages around the world.

Graduate of Amherst College and Phillips Exeter Academy, where he spent time as an English teacher before turning his efforts fully to writing.

Father is a math professor and mother is a musician.

Wife Blythe is an art historian and painter.

His bestseller The Da Vinci Code, while his first runaway hit, and the first to be adapted into a film, is actually the second book in which Robert Langdon appears. The first is Angels and Demons.

Was #10 on the annual Forbes magazine Celebrity 100 list in 2006

In 2007, Forbes Magazine estimated his earnings for the year to be $10 million.

"The Lost Symbol" is the first of his books not to start with a murder.

In "The Lost Symbol" when Dan Brown mentions "The Gift of Fear" he is not so much citing a reliable principle of Social Science as he is dropping the title of a popular Self-Help book of the 90s.

Attended college with author and friend Harlan Coben who still keeps in touch.

The Da Vinci Code's Jacket Design and Plot inspired a spate of Conspiriological Novels, with their covers all showing some variation of an out-of-focus monk running through the cloisters.