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Sheena Chou will have a memorable character arc on season 3 of Judd Apatow's "Love." Chou plays Patty, an overly enthusiastic fight coordinator. Chou was recently seen on CBS's "Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders" and on ABC/Shonda Rhimes' "The Catch".

In "CM:BB", Chou plays Sara Yee, a sweet woman hopeful in love who unwittingly goes on a date with a charming serial killer as the lead detectives race against time to save her. In "The Catch", Chou plays the lovely and solemn Fumiko, who becomes distraught after she learns the restaurant she proudly manages has suddenly and mysteriously shut down. On NBC's "The Player" with Wesley Snipes and Philip Winchester, Chou plays the Angel, a damsel in distress who comes face to face with a horrific serial killer.

Chou is filming a lead role in action feature "Unspoken: Diary of an Assassin" directed by Ron Yuan. Chou plays Blunt Girl, an unlikely mercenary who is adeptly skilled in the arts of killing and rolling the perfect blunt. Music video vixen by day and deadly assassin by night, Chou's Blunt Girl will kick ass as well as bring an understated comedic element to the film. This unique independent action packed thriller boasts a stellar international and US cast including Zoe Bell, Will Yun Lee, Russell Wong, Ian Anthony Dale, Kelly Hu, Brian Tee, Mao Asao, Chihiro Kurata and Ron Yuan to name a few.

You can see Sheena Chou in Jesse V. Johnson's action feature "Savage Dog". Chou plays the feisty strong-willed bar manager Samsip-Sam opposite Scott Adkins (Expendables 2) and Keith David (Crash, Mr. & Mrs. Smith).

Chou recently wrapped on sci-fi revenge story "White Space", directed by Ken Locsmandi, playing a sultry but deadly Lifen opposite Holt McCallany (Netflix's Mind Hunters) and Ron Yuan (Netflix's Marco Polo). Chou was cast in Marvel's "Doctor Strange" directed by Scott Derrickson, starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Rachel McAdams.

In Simon West's "Wild Card" scripted by William Goldman and starring Jason Statham, Chou plays the sympathetic bartender friend to Statham's gambling addicted Nick. The ensemble cast includes Stanley Tucci, Sophia Vergara, Milo Ventimiglia, Hope Davis and Michael Angarano.

Chou was cast in Michael Bay's "The Last Ship" for TNT as Officer of the Deck OOD Kane, directed by Jack Bender. In "From the Head" Chou plays Molly, Mathew Lillard's spunky and rebellious girlfriend. Chou embodied the ill-fated beauty Li Jing in HBO/Cinemax's "Black Salt", the live action comic book adaptation directed by Ben Ramsey (Big Hit, Blood & Bone). Chou's voice can be heard in "Call of Duty: Black Ops III" as well as being the Mandarin voice for Ritz-Carlton.

Additionally, Chou was the lead in 3 music video campaigns. In "What If" Chou can be seen breaking hearts as the cancer stricken heroine. In P. Diddy/Bad Boy Entertainment's "No More", Chou plays a deadly assassin hell-bent on a revenge mission. From Asia's biggest female rapper Miss Ko, comes "Let It Go" where Chou delivers a powerful, touching performance in Miss Ko's personal storyline playing young Ko's mother. Chou was personally sought after by MC Lyte after she saw Chou's heartfelt performance in "What If" and as a result, Chou was cast in the legendary rapper's comeback hits "Cravin" and "Ball".

Made in Taiwan, Sheena Chou was born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan, by her loving deaf auntie. She loved hanging with the boys and started playing poker at the tender age of 3 with her uncles and 5 male cousins. These days, Chou still enjoys hanging with the guys - diligently working on her boxing, martial arts and motorcycle skills while playing Texas Hold 'Em and shooting Airsoft guns when time permits. While doing double duty studying full time at UCLA and interning at Merrill Lynch, Chou was cast as a series lead on MTV's "Burned." Chou soon caught the bug and realized that acting was her true passion.

Chou's same passion lent her to be cast in BronzeLens Festival Best Film winner "Shanghai Hotel" a tragic film centered around the world of human trafficking and forced prostitution. The film was only casting out of New York but the film's subject matter touched Chou and she insisted on self-taping for the part, when self-taping wasn't yet a thing. After seeing Chou's tape, director Jerry Allen Davis cast her immediately and had her fly out to NYC. Chou plays Ting Na, a young woman who unfortunately along with others, gets trafficked from China to Brooklyn, NY. Ting Na turns her fears into ambition as she uses her strength to work off her debt to leave the brothel. Chou stars with Hill Harper, Eugenia Yuan, Ron Yuan and Cheng Pei Pei.

Past roles include Chou playing Pieti, a gambling prodigy in the poker fan film "Aces" and a harem beauty in 20th Century Fox's comedy hit "Meet the Spartans." Chou also worked on numerous commercial campaigns for the likes of Apple iPad, Facebook, Samsung,, Panda Express, Walmart, Herbal Essences, T-Mobile, KFC and On-Star, national print campaigns for US Trust, LensCrafters, U.S. Postal Service, Bank of America and Apple Computers, and international TV campaigns for Budweiser, Intel and Western Union.