Komatsu Ayaka was born in July 13th of 1986, in the Iwate Prefecture. Ayaka has started her career like model in the Japanese magazine Candy and her first role was in the movie "Odoru Daisousasen The Movie 2" where she was a victim of a vampire. She also did some commercials one for Takara, and was on an Idol Program of the company Idol Michi.

Her next big step was to play Minako Aino in the new CBS TV Series Live Action Version of the Anime "Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon" in the 2002, where she became one of the most popular girls on the show, allowing her to obtain a mayor role in the Japanese movie "Koibumi" and became one of the chosen by Nittelegenic and her Idol Program. Thanks to this opportunity she launched 2 Photobooks (Ayaka No Natsu and Ayaka Nichokku) and 2 DVDs (Nittelegenic Figure A Ayaka Komatsu DVD and Megami no Chu! Ayaka Komatsu) till this date.

Actually Ayaka continues modeling in "Candy", and in March 25th of 2004 in Japan was launched the "Act. Zero" a Special of "Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon" TV-Series where she reprises her role as Minako Aino and the heroine Sailor V.