Kali Majors Poster

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Younger sister of actor, Austin Majors.

Has been a member of 'Kids With A Cause' since 2005.

Attended the USC/Walt Disney directing and producing class where she wrote, directed, produced, sound design, and was cinematographer for multiple short films including one that was shot at the Disney Ranch.

Was a top 7 honors scholar in her high school graduating class of 2017 and was president of the National Honors Society and Film Club.

Is currently a Film Production student and aspiring filmmaker with a focus on directing, writing, and producing.

Was the only female on her high school Varsity Football team for 3 years where she was the starting kicker. Also played Varsity Soccer for 4 years and was a team captain.

Has worked alongside actors including Octavia Spencer, Chris Pine, Malcom McDowell, Ted Danson, Sean Bean, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Mark Harmon, Eddie Cibrian, Dylan Minnette, Colin Ford, and more.