Joe started his career in 1982, appearing in Emu's World and then later in Emu's All Live Pink Windmill Show for ITV (Central TV) in the UK. As part of Rod Hull and Emu's ensemble, he stayed on the show until 1986. Incredibly, 32 years later, his singing and dancing would be seen around the world when a clip in which he and the other Pink Windmill Kids appeared (introducing themselves by name) went viral on social media. In 1988, he presented a short run of the young children's BBC TV show, Playdays. In the same year, he appeared on the children's Saturday morning show, Motormouth, playing Jimmy Lane - a bell-boy and regular character at the Spin Off Motel. In 1991, he appeared in a feature-length episode of Agatha Christie's Poirot (One, Two, Buckle My Shoe) playing Alfred Biggs - a lift boy who discovers a dead body. 1991 also saw him appear in the popular children's TV show, Spatz, for ITV (Thames TV). His character, Vince Powers, would be a regular on the show for three series until 1993. In 1992, he presented a short-lived (5 episodes) children's game show, Mega Mania for ITV (Thames TV). Focused around games based on their location, he led the red team in challenges taking place at (amongst others) a fire station, hotel and a farm. In 1993 he played the scarecrow, Tatty Bogle, in the puppet-based children's TV show Wizadora for ITV (Meridian) for two series until 1994. He also appeared in an episode of Mike and Angelo (Thames TV, 1993) before going on to present The DJ Kat Show (Sky TV) for three years until 1996. At which point his career moved out of vision and into puppeteering on children's TV. Bug Alert (1996/97, Series 1&2, Channel 4), Jay's World (1996, Series 2, Meridian), Beachcomber Bay (1998/99, Series 1&2, Channel 5), Havakazoo (1998/99, Series 1&2, Channel 5) and The Timekeepers of The Millennium (1999, ITV), although he did appear again in vision in an episode of Polterguests (a children's TV show about a hotel run by ghosts) in 1999 on ITV (Thames TV).

In 2000, Joe moved into production, working as a video editor and then as a promo producer up until 2011. Nowadays, he's a cameraman and director - mainly in the corporate sector.