B.A. in Radio/TV Broadcast Journalism from Central State University, Ohio; M.A. in Mass Communication Studies from Howard University; Pursuing a PhD in Communications Studies at Howard.

Competed in the Mrs. America pageant.

Worked in Vice President Al Gore's office.

Was Katrina Campins's roommate during filming of The Apprentice (2004).

Hates to be called "Ro".

Comes from a large family. Her mother had eleven siblings and Omarosa has sixty-four first cousins.

Named West Coast editor of "Reality Weekly" magazine [January 24, 2012].

Engaged to actor Michael Clarke Duncan from February 2012 until his death in September 2012.

Applied CPR to fiancé, Michael Clarke Duncan, after he suffered cardiac arrest on July 13, 2012. He died nearly two months later following cardiac complications.

She is teaching "Branding and Marketing" in the MBA program at her alma mater, Howard University and is studying for her Doctor of Divinity (D.D.) degree at a local seminary in order to become a practicing minister. [June 2010]

Grew up in the Youngstown, Ohio, in the Westlake Projects. When she was 7-years-old her father was murdered. In 2011 her brother was shot dead in his own home.

Serves as director of communications for the Office of Public Liaison for President Donald Trump's administration.[April 2017].

Her husband John Allen Newman is a pastor.

Married John Allen Newman at John Allen Newman at at Trump's Hotel in Washington, D.C.[April 2017].

Named Director of African-American Outreach under the Trump administration.[July 2016].

Has an annual salary of $179,700 under the Trump administration.[July 2017].