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Graduated from the University of Evansville in Indiana where she majored in Theatre Performance.

Kelli was also an athlete and member of her high school's championship softball team.

Kelli Giddish began acting at an early age and was a staple in her high school's theater department.

While she was in college, she was an Irene Ryan Acting Award finalist and was selected to perform at the Kennedy Center.

Kelli divides her time between New York and Los Angeles.

Kelli Giddish moved to New York after graduation and made her debut in "Shoes.".

Sister of Eli Giddish, daughter of Charles Giddish and wife Nita. Her paternal grandfather Ralph L. Giddish (Georgia, ca. 1923) enlisted in the United States Army on March 18, 1943 and was a World War II Veteran and nudged her interest in acting along by taking her to the Fox Theater. Her maternal grandmother Dosia Hildebrand was very supportive of her interests.

Before Kelli landed her starring role on SVU as Detective Amanda Rollins, she first appeared as a rape victim on the show in Season 8 Episode 12, "Outsider.".

Is of German descent and is a first cousin many times removed of Metacomet though his father Massasoit's sister.

Married on a Saturday in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.

Found her dog, Frannie Mae, on the street while filming Chase (2010). She calls her breed 'a side of the roader'. Frannie Mae has starred alongside Kelli on her current show Law & Order SVU.

Has two sons with her husband Lawrence "Larry" Faulborn - Ludo Faulborn (b. October 5, 2015) and Charlie Ralph Faulborn (b. November 2018).