Czech-born, Reno, whose stage names include Fabio, (due to a likeness to the famous Fabio Lanzoni), Reno D and Reno D'Angelo, brought an overseas quality to the adult film industry. Long-haired, handsome and physically sculpted in body, Reno now holds a well-established career in the adult film realm that spans over 10 years, since beginning in 1999.

Reno, born in a small town called Hodonín situated in the Czech Republic, dreamed of being a porn star. His beginnings evolved from being a mere dream and idea in which he joked with his friends about, into working as exotic dancer. A self-described exhibitionist, Reno had no problem presenting a chiseled 6'1", 200-lb physique and found work with Chippendales while in Chicago. It was here where he was given the name Fabio due to the image of being a long-haired, European. For eight years, he worked as a dancer before crossing over into strip work for four or five years. After that time, Reno graduated to doing amateur work in the adult film industry. During the course of his time in the business he has become quite popular and has unquestionably secured his fan-base. In addition to his work as both a performer and director, Reno even launched a website showcasing his ongoing contributions to the erotic filming world.