Adult actor Clarke Kent originally chose his name as memorable joke and tribute to competitive male film stars in his genre who tend to name themselves after something- "Steel" or "Hard" or "Rock". Superman came to mind, and what is the opposite of Superman? Clarke Kent. Superman wears his pants on the outside, Clarke Kent does not wear any pants.

Clarke's first film appearance was in 2002 and his film actor career went on to gain significant popularity in the UK with the launch of his own Playboy television series named SebCam TV in 2007. The SebCam concept gave viewers a completely unique handycam vlog view into the exciting life of an adult movie star, long before daily vlogging was an acceptable form of media. SebCam TV was broadcast on the Playboy TV Network in UK & Europe.

Clarke has remained one of the most popular male talents in the industry and continues to be cast worldwide for leading roles in both television and feature films. TelevisionX broadcast two series devoted purely to Clarke Kent as their one and only male model appearing in ten episodes as ten alternative characters from history; Jobs for the Boys. Clarke is renowned for his spoof comedy roles and parody lead characters after award winning movies such as; Lawrence of A-Labia, A Royal Romp (Royal Wedding spoof) and Down on Abbey (Downton Abbey Parody Feature Film).

With a range of acting abilities, Clarke has also portrayed serious non-comedy roles in Harmony Films like Lustful Widow and a two-part sequel series from French film company Marc Dorcel, released in 2014 and 2016 in which Clarke headed up another lead role, amongst a star studded cast as a Playboy Mansion Millionaire character.

Athens 2018 Sirina Entertainment Erotic Awards show nominated Clarke Kent for three Best European Male Actor Awards. Sirina Entertainment featured Clarke Kent in all 2018 & 2019 DVD and magazine releases and he is considered the hottest new favourite with Greek audiences. SebCam continues to captivate online viewers with his incredibly adventurous "one man, one camera" daily vlogs which can be seen on YouTube.