Iza Calzado Poster

Trivia (17)

Endorser of Regatta and Avon.

Took up Fine arts before entering showbiz.

Became popular via a Pantene Shampoo commercial.

Parents: Filipino Lito Calzado (a choreographer and TV director) and the late Spanish-Filipina Mary Ann "Antonia" Ussher. She grew up with her step-mom, Myrna, whom her father married after her mother died.

Her brother, Dash, is a member of Legit Misfitz, a Pinoy rap group.

She has been encouraged by her father, a longtime dance-choreographer, stage director and TV producer to enter showbiz. She initially turned down the request until she landed a spot in a TV series following her shampoo commercial which she said she did "out of necessity.".

She likes dancing and swimming.

Among the foreign players, she digs Julia Roberts, and Johnny Depp. In the local Philippine front, she likes Cesar Montano, Cherry Pie Picache, Eddie Garcia, Hilda Koronel, Judy Ann Santos, Rita Gomez, and Mylene Dizon.

Favorite movies are I Will Wait for You in Heaven (1991), Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961), Sabrina (1995), 50 First Dates (2004). Fave TV show is Sex and the City (1998).

Counts her mobile phone as her most treasured item.

Digs Beyoncé. Favorite songs include Stay Together by Suede.

Sienna Miller is her fashion icon.

She considered the movie Milan (2004) as the turning point of her career. Already a talent of GMA Network, the movie produced by the rival ABS-CBN tapped her to play one of the major role.

The inspirational book "Four Agreements" by Don Miguel Ruiz is her favorite. Sidney Sheldon is her favorite author.

Role Model: Christ.

Has the fear of being alone.

Dislikes hypocrites and back biters.