Edinburgh International Film Festival

Best Performance in a British Feature Film [Winner] (2018)

Best Performance

"In the category of Best Performance in a British... More

"In the category of Best Performance in a British Feature Film, the Michael Powell jury recognises an actress who carries their character in every bone of their body and on whose shoulders rests the ultimate success of the film. Liv Hill's performance in Jellyfish encompasses a wide range of superbly delivered emotion, from acute comedy to the depths of despair. As her story unfolds, we see a 15-year old girl dealing with so much that we are completely invested, and the intensity, intelligence, and nuance of her portrayal made us shed a tear. The award also goes to Sinead Matthews who creates a visceral character of abysmal highs and lows with assured powerful and elegant touches. In less capable hands, the character could have been detrimental to the movie but her thoughtful and complex portrayal of a woman in the grip of mental health issues was extraordinary."

Jellyfish (2018)