Gregori J. Martin is a Emmy® Award winning producer and the founder, CEO and president of LANY Entertainment, an independent award-winning bi-coastal film and television production company he founded in 2010. LANY Entertainment is based in Los Angeles, CA.

Martin is best known for his Emmy® winning and twice Emmy®-nominated indie drama series THE BAY The Series, as well as the theatrically released independent vampire thriller RAVEN, a feature film produced by GruntWorks Entertainment where he originally served as a producer, director and president for approximately four years. Martin was in development on a six-hour miniseries titled THE DISCIPLES that was sold to Sony Entertainment. He served as co-executive producer and head writer of the Made-for-TV miniseries. Martin serves as co-executive producer and director of the situation comedy THIS JUST IN for Associated Television International (ATI) as a presentation for FOX Network.

In April 2015, Martin received an Emmy® Award for THE BAY in the highly competitive Category 2 - Outstanding New Approaches Drama Series. Recognized by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS), Martin has been nominated twice as the Executive Producer of THE BAY. In May of 2012, THE BAY received its first nomination in Category 71 - Outstanding Special Class Short Format Daytime Program. Martin was also awarded the 2011 ISA for Outstanding Directing for his work on THE BAY.

In 2006, Martin directed, wrote and produced three feature motion pictures; MARy, an indie horror film based on the urban legend Bloody Mary, shot on location in Los Angeles County. Relocating to the East Coast, he began production as a producer, director and co-writer of MANHATTANITES, a feature dramedy starring several Emmy-nominated stars from the ABC and CBS daytime serial dramas. In 2007, Martin moved back to Los Angeles, where he wrote, produced and directed a passion project titled SKELETONS IN THE DESERT. It was this project that brought Martin to collaborate with GruntWorks Entertainment where he helped manage and control all aspects of production for four years.

With GruntWorks, Martin directed and co-produced the film JACK RIO, screened at the Terror Film Festival in Philadelphia, PA. Additional Gruntworks collaborations include THE INTRUDERS and SEBASTIAN.

Martin recently completed his tenth feature film, THE SOUTHSIDE, based on a true story and tragic death of his cousin, Robert Areizaga Jr. Currently in post-production, Martin's eleventh feature film, A PLACE CALLED HOLLYWOOD, is a satire that tells the cutting-edge story of a young man who pursues his dream in becoming a famous actor and gives a glimpse of the harsher side of Hollywood. In 2013, Martin served as a story consultant and behind the scenes producer for the TV Guide Network (TVGN) documentary WHO SHOT THE DAYTIME SOAP?