Quotes (5)

  • [on her idea of a "perfect workday"] Either feature or gonzo shoots really don't bother me. A lot of people complain about being on a Digital Playground shoot compared to a gonzo shoot because you are on set twice or three times as long as you would be on a gonzo shoot. I really don't mind. I just like to get out and work. I don't mind doing features. I don't mind doing gonzo. It all doesn't bother me. I just like to work.
  • [What] I don't like about the industry is that I think I am working as hard as some of the other girls in the business and I am not getting the same recognition that some of them are getting. I will even go so far as to say I am more professional than these girls that are getting all the recognition and the opportunities that I am not getting. It seems to me that it is even harder in this industry for me to make a name for myself than in the mainstream. I think I would have had a better chance of being a bigger name in mainstream than I do here.
  • I want to direct. If I did get my own line I would want to direct it. I talked to a lot of directors who I think are good and I try to keep up with them and go on set and help out. I want to learn all of the behind-the-scenes type of stuff.
  • There are other chicks out there that have the same look as I do but don't work in the same types of movies I do. I would like to say that it is my personality and that I am all business and I am professional and I will give them what they want sets me apart.
  • What I really like about the business is that it gives people the opportunity to act out their different sexual fantasies. For me, in my personal life, I like doing it in places where I might get caught. I like people looking at me. I used to record myself having sex before porn. I like the fact that someone is actually looking at me on tape having sex and enjoying themselves and getting off.