Born in NYC, GG experienced a bi-cultural upbringing, living 8 years in Antipolo Rizal, Philippines and then grew up in Northern New Jersey.

Avid world traveler and cultural immersion, GG has been branded by her own father as " a Jane of all trades, master at trying most things." Which she proudly accepts is true.

Her work experience ranges from former receptionist to a doctor at 12 years old to TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) trainer in China and India.

Acting and being born a "performer" is GG's destiny. She fulfilled her childhood calling the year 2000. Earning a substantial salary, excellent benefits, stocks and bonds, she gave it all up to follow a path of performing. It's been in her blood since the Philippines. At age 6, she watched a teenage pair dancing at a neighbor's house and that sparked her drive to "entertain."

Having natural dancing ability, she danced in front of neighborhood crowds every weekend until her final trip back to the U.S. at the age of 8.

She studied stage performance in Action Theater Conservatory in Clifton, New Jersey. Here is where her motivation and skills were honed. For Action Theater she performed in NYC at the Pulse Ensemble Theater. Then, various TV and indie films.

The role of "Rosa" in the independent film "Receptionist Smart" was the most challenging and the best character yet. GG has a natural comedic flair and a bubbly personality, tying that with "Rosa's" Latina accent and attitude brought her to a new level as a broad performer.