Daniel Helmer was born in 1986 in the province of Burgenland, Austria. He is a musician, producer and filmmaker and was raised in Vienna as the oldest brother of three sisters. Daniel soon shelved the dream of becoming a professional football player to study at the university of music and performing arts Vienna / Film Academy Vienna (under Michael Haneke, Michael Hudecek & Wolfgang Thaler.

Besides several engagements as a composer, editor & producer for film, commercial, music videos & documentaries, he founded and released multiple music projects (i.a. "Gudrun von Laxenburg", "Mantra Mantra", "Yogtze", "ifsonever") via a variety of international music labels (i.a. Sony BMG UK, Running-back Records DE, International Major Label AT, Jazz & Milk DE).

At the moment Daniel is focusing on his work as a film composer, writing and producing scores for motion picture films such as Rubikon (2022) and Heimsuchung (WT).