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Trivia (7)

Died a day after playing a concert at New York City's Knitting Factory bar.

Member of the band The Swell Maps.

Member of the band The Jacobites.

Recorded an album with three members of R.E.M. that was reissued under the title "Liquor, Guns and Ammo".

Brother of Epic Soundtracks (aka Kevin Paul Godfrey).

A drug user for many years, Nikki Sudden's 'heart attack' was probably caused by a heroin overdose. His former band member Kevin Junior told the Chicago Reader in January 2007, that Nikki Sudden had been an "addict" and he witnessed excessive drug use in 2004, when Sudden had asked him to come to Berlin and join his band for a European tour: "The amount of drug use, fighting, and inner turmoil was ridiculous. We were fighting over girls and scraps of powder, absolutely the most retarded, childlike behavior." Junior returned to Chicago and quit drugs, but a few years later he heard again from Sudden: "Just a couple days before he died we were in contact. We wrote each other a couple really funny e-mails. But then he asked me if I could hook him up with somebody in Chicago to get dope. And I said absolutely not. I was kind of insulted, 'cause I'd been clean for a long time. Like, 'How dare you ask me to get back into that world, Nikki.' " [2007].

Lived in Berlin, Germany.