Crystal Dawne Poster


Crystal Dawne gets noticed. Whether it's her blonde allure or that thought-provoking magic in her expression, this Ukrainian Canadian actress/producer stands out in a crowd. Master director Steven Spielberg noticed her on the set of War of the Worlds, after she was pulled out of a group of extras and given the opportunity to be directed in her own scene. Crystal, being Crystal, jumped at the chance and made the most of the opportunity: despite her overwhelming joy at working with the great director, she easily shed tears on command and made a lasting, positive impression. Crystal trained at the Van Mar Academy of Television and Film, and studied under acclaimed West Coast acting coach, Bobby Chance. Her screen credits include the 2005 film Stand Up, with veteran comedian actor Max Alexander, as well as a role co-hosting the Las Vegas talk show It's All Good. Crystal is driven,upbeat, and multi-dimensional in more than just her acting talents. She has been a business entrepreneur, and is the proud author of her first book, Heaven on Planet Earth (HOPE): Seeking All Hungry Spirits. This book, with the appropriate acronym of HOPE, documents her research into life-changing spiritual discoveries and awakenings. HOPE is about co-creating entry into one's kingdom of heaven, right here on earth, through the expansion of one's eternal flame of hope to full illumination. To read excerpts, please visit her website at Despite her foray into writing, acting remains and will always be Crystal's first love-ever since her third grade debut in Cinderella, where Crystal played a dust bunny! While she has honed her talents considerably since then, Crystal still brings the same youthful abandon to each role that she brought to making that third-grade dust bunny come alive. With the publication of her book, Crystal now looks forward to focusing on acting and producing. More than just a beautiful face, Crystal's passion for her craft runs deep, and her heartfelt commitment to first-rate work makes her a welcome addition to any set.

Crystal Dawne is unlike any artist you'll likely to hear this year, with her unique blend of rich, majestic and evocative pop together with lush and roomy electro / trip-hop and RnB influences.

Her debut album "Lovelution" was released and available January 21, 2014. One of the songs from the album, "I love you" is featured as the opening music for the web series "The Broken Christmas Toys".