Brian McLaughlin is a producer of mainly narrative feature films. He has been a Producers Guild of America member since 2011, sponsored by the iconic Roger Corman. He is a mentor in the PGA Power of Diversity Master Workshop and a member of the PGA Education and Diversity committees.

He was born in Southern California but was never interested in a Hollywood career, although his grandmother, Madelyn McLaughlin, was a sculptor who created props for such movies as Alien (1979) (the alien), The Deep (1977) (the eel), Heaven Can Wait (1978), Billy Jack Goes to Washington (1977), and Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (1978).

Brian was a visiting film professor at the University of Notre Dame for the 2011-2012 academic year. Immediately prior to that, he was the media production advisor to General David Petraeus in Afghanistan. In that role, he produced several documentary shorts with Afghan crew.

He was a PAGE International Awards quarter-finalist for his feature screenplay, Scylla Dilemma, which he wrote under the tutelage of the yearlong Writers Guild Foundation's Veterans Writing Project. His mentors in that program included Karen Struck, April Fitzsimmons, Niceole R. Levy, Brian Anthony, and Timothy Wurtz. Scylla Dilemma was selected as one of ten projects in the 2017 PGA Power of Diversity Master Workshop, where Brian's mentors included Nic Novicki, Carrie Lynn Certa, and Olga Zhurzhenko, and workshop chairs Sasheen Artis and Julie Janata.

He was published in The Hollywood Reporter, January 29, 2016 issue, "Oscars' Diversity Dilemma: A Mathematical Solution to Parity in Voting."

Brian is an active member of Veterans in Media and Entertainment and is that organization's producers liaison. He produced a PSA for a veterans charity, which aired on CBS in Los Angeles.

He taught at The Los Angeles Film School and the Art Institute of Tucson.

Brian is a veteran of the Army and Army Reserve, a Major in the Infantry, Airborne, and Special Operations. His decorations include Defense Meritorious Service Medal, Joint Commendation Medal, Army Commendation Medal, Army Achievement Medal, German and Dutch Commando Parachutist badges, Pathfinder Torch, and Airborne Wings.

Brian was a member of the Notre Dame Alumni Diversity Council and Asian Pacific Alumni Board, three-time president of the Independent Film Association of Southern Arizona (now Independent Film Arizona), a founding member of Media and Entertainment of Notre Dame (now Hollywood Domers), and treasurer of the Loft Cinema in Tucson. He was awarded a Notre Dame Exemplary Asian Pacific Alumnus award.

Brian has also been an actor in over 60 films, the first of which was directed by William Shatner, and stand-up comic.

He worked nearly twenty years in corporate finance and international business, earned an MBA from Boston University and a BBA from University of Notre Dame.

He has one son, Collin.