Brooke Wentz Poster


Brooke Wentz is a music supervisor and rights executive working in the television, cable, film and recording industries. She founded Seven Seas Music in 2015, an international music discovery site, and The Rights Workshop, a music supervision and licensing company in 2002. She has music supervised hundreds of independent and documentary films, as well as numerous TV shows.

Past corporate experiences include ESPN Music Director, A&R Manager at Arista Records, rights consultant to TechTV, author, and NPR radio host.

Brooke has received a Billboard Award for her work as a record producer of world music. Her bibliography includes the recordings "Global Meditation," "Global Celebration," "Voices of Forgotten Worlds," "Africa: Never Stand Still," and the three-CD set "Global Divas" produced for the 1996 Third World Conference on Women in Beijing. In 2014 she launched the world music discovery and licensing platform Seven Seas Music.

A native San Franciscan, Brooke holds an MBA from Columbia Business School and received her B.A. degree, magna cum laude, from Barnard College.