Trivia (13)

Proud member of the South Shore Neptunes scuba diving club.

Favorite Actor is Gary Oldman.

Greatly admires the the talent of Marlon Brando.

Is a certified rescue/recovery scuba diver.

Has been employed in the I.T.field (computers) since 2000.

Is a Wreckdiver who is planning on diving the infamous Andrea Doria. He is addicted to scuba-diving and was certified by Hollywood Divers in Los Angeles. He was an active member of The Quincy Underwater Recovery Unit.

Studied acting at Collinge/Pickman Studio in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Is dyslexic.

Started doing carpentry work to support himself and discovered that he likes the carpentry trade. Admires Harrison Ford for his expertise skill as a master carpenter and dedication to his craft.

Worked as a Locksmith and as a Safe Technician.

Was going by the professional name, Gary Edwins, but, is now going by his given birth name of Gary Greenberg.

Is a big fan of the director and storyteller George Miller.

Living in Los Angeles, California [January 2005]